We are a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for children in foster care in Madison County, Alabama.

Foster Children’s Alliance (FOCAL) has been helping Madison County foster children and foster parents since 1985. FOCAL is the only organization that works directly through the Department of Human Resources (DHR) to assist foster children and families with resources for extra-curricular activities, events, and vital needs that are not covered by foster family payments.

FOCAL gains monetary support through fundraising events and donations from the community. The executive board of FOCAL is made up of volunteers in the North Alabama area love donating their time and resources to improve the lives of Madison county foster children.  We keep our administrative costs as close to NOTHING as possible, generally $88 or less per year!

Here are just a few of the many ways the money is used.

  • Field trip expenses
  • Dance lessons
  • Special clothing needs
  • Graduation expenses
  • School supplies
  • Funding for camps
  • Band instruments
  • Athletic fees • Enrichment programs
  • Therapeutic/special needs of the handicapped foster children

FOCAL's major annual effort is to provide Christmas gifts for every single foster child registered with Madison County DHR, from babies to college kids. We do this by coordinating through the social workers to get a wish list from each child.  We then solicit the help of local businesses, organizations, and patrons to purchase some of these gifts for the children.  Our goal is to give foster children a Christmas that is just as satisfying as a child living in a wholesome, stable home with their own loving parents.

3.3% of children in foster care were abandoned
6% of them are victims of alleged neglect
3% have one or both parents incarcerated
4.2% are victims of alleged abuse
15.4% have parents on drugs
4.5% are runaways
5.7% are in group homes (no family to take them)
68% are in a temporary situation & will be moved again
95 % are in foster care thru no fault of their own!


This is an independant site dedicated to spreading the word about and assisting with the FOCAL group. This site is maintained by FOCAL volunteers.