About Focal

We are a non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for children in

Foster care in Madison County, Alabama.

Foster Children’s Alliance (FOCAL) has been helping Madison County foster children and foster parents since 1985. FOCAL assists foster children and families with resources to meet the many needs of children that cannot be obtained other ways. Monies are earned through fundraising events and donations from the community. Administrative costs are less than $88 per year.

Here are just a few of the many ways the money is used.

• Field trip expenses

• Dance lessons

• Special clothing needs

• Graduation expenses

• School supplies

• Funding for camps

• Band instruments

• Athletic fees • Enrichment programs

• Therapeutic/special needs of the handicapped foster children

Volunteers in the community work together with the Madison County Department of Human Resources to raise money, determine how the money is best spent, and to organize collection and distribution of Christmas gifts for the county’s foster children. Professionals from all walks of life, and other citizens – young people, retired people, working people, children who care enough to take their time to work for the needs of local foster children.

FOCAL's major annual effort is to provide Christmas gifts for anywhere between 200 and 400 children in foster homes in Madison County and for Madison County children who live in foster homes and facilities in other parts of Alabama. They also provide sponsors for teens that are living in an independent living program.

But FOCAL's needs are ongoing, the resources are continually strained as we attempt to assist foster parents who open their homes to children displaced by drug abuse, alcohol abuse, and adults who are out of control for other reasons.

Children – who through no fault of their own are taken from the only homes they know, have enough to cope with living with strangers who care for them but may not have the money to pay for all their needs.

Foster children should be able to live as other children: go to Little League practice, take dance lessons, play in the band, go on field trips and summer camp. Then there are teenagers, they are foster children too. There is a great need to provide graduation expenses, prom dresses, tuxedos, class rings, graduation invitations, and senior photographs.

If you, your company or your church group have a heart for young people, please contact us.

You'll be blessed by your efforts – as are the foster children of Madison County.

P. O. Box 14325,

Huntsville, AL 35815


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This is an independant site dedicated to spreading the word about and assisting with the FOCAL group. This site is maintained by FOCAL volunteers.

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